About GlobalProductPrices.com

We track the retail prices of basic food and beverage products around the world. Those include essential foods such as flour, rice, milk, eggs and others; beverages such as water, coffee and alcoholic drinks. Where possible, we track the price of a global brand to ensure data consistency across countries and over time.

The data are collected by our in-house team without automation. In each country, we identify at least three sources of price data such as large grocery store chains and online sellers. If these sources provide different information, we identify additional sources until we can calculate a reliable country average price with as little standard deviation as possible. The analysis is based on a preliminary research into the main market chains in each country as well as the most popular brands for each product group.

The data can be used by a wide range of people who need to evaluate cost differences across countries as well as business analysts who need to track price developments for a particular product group.

Our group of websites
We also run the websites www.globalpetrolprices.com that tracks fuel, electricity, and natural gas prices around the world and www.theglobaleconomy.com that tracks the key macroeconomic indicators of over 200 countries.

Our team leadership

Neven Valev is a Ph.D. economist with a doctorate from Purdue University and over 10 years professional experience on the economics faculty of the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies in Atlanta, GA. Neven specializes in international finance and the role of finance for economic development. Over the years he has taught classes on macroeconomics and international economics to undergraduate, Master’s, MBA, and Ph.D. students and has participated as a chair or a member of the dissertation committees of more than 40 graduate students. More information about Neven can be found at his Google Scholar page and personal site.

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